disposable towel ultra absorbent - 10 pieces

disposable towels and bath drape
disposable towels and bath drape
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100 x 160 cm or 140 x 220 cm

  • ultra soft
  • never tear
  • super absorbtion 500 times its own weight 
  • 10 pieces
  • size to be chosen
  • can cover client from head to toe (140 x 220 cm)

10 ultra soft towelling couch cover 100 x 160 cm or 140 x 220 cm

You can use this towel for your treatment by wrapping your client with (the bigger size is the best).

Disposable: No worries of stains by oil or mod. When you finish you can discard it. It's 100% recyclable.

Absorbent: You can also use it after a shower. Your client will completly be wipped!

They are so thin that you can bring them any where outside. Perfect for professionnal always 'on the move' and 'working out', personal masseur, teacher....

They can be used several times, but cannot be washed.

Very soft elastic and tear-proof material calls ABSORBTEX. It's a perfect material for beautician.

Less work and more time for yourself and your clients.

Quantity : 10 pieces

Colour : white